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2106 Accountability in Child Welfare

Reference Materials

June 7th, 2010 Advisory Meeting

The following materials were presented and/or discussed at the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Legal and Practice Issues held June 7th, 2010:

Children's Administration (CA) document suggesting a possible approach for the transition between CA functions and the supervising agencies in the case management demonstration sites.

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CA presentation on a system improvement called CPS-CWS ReDesign -- one purpose was to separate service delivery from investigative and assessment functions.

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Supporting CA document that shows the flow from intake.

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The latest versions of the service array, and principles/values documents with changes incorporated from the last committee meeting.

Download ServiceArray_6.02.pdf
Download ServiceArrayDescriptions_6.02.pdf
Download ValuesPrinciples_6.01.pdf

Document from the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse with criteria and rating scale to evaluate evidence-based practices, and a glossary of terminology frequently used in research.

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Download Glossary